Any good wrestling games out there?

Talk about graphics, 3D models, nice sprite sheets, music, sound effects and anything related to the presentation of your game (not code :)).

Any good wrestling games out there?

Postby adamjohnson » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:51 am

I'm looking to get into a game where I can be a wrestler, preferably in a sim but would be ok in an online game that is not. I've tried a lot of other games from legitimate sources. If there is animation, I want selling. If there isn't, I'm ok using my imagination. Still, I would like to choose what kind of wrestler I am. The reason I'm still looking is:
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wwe2k series: the stats don't seem to matter in cpu vs. cpu, and the selling is bad. Plus, the ai is bizarre, most every cpu vs. cpu game in 2k18 starts with someone jumping from the top rope.

fire pro, or wrestling revolution.: selling is not really part of the game, or no sim.
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wrestling spirit: close, but the sim engine seems to get in a rut where the cpu can't do anything right despite all probability.

tew: not enough of me being the wrestler. I don't want to be a booker or manager.

all the online flash games: either they seem to be just ad engines otherwise hand feeds me and doesn't allow much customization.
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