libGDX 1.9.1 released – Whoops :D

libGDX 1.9.1

Welp, it’s been a while since I f’ed up a release. Sadly, the binaries for Android ARM64 and x86_64 didn’t deploy properly and i didn’t catch it because i was testing local release builds. Thanks to our community, my silliness got caught fast.

It is with great pride that I present to you libGDX 1.9.1, the whoops release!

- API Change: Override GwtApplication#createApplicationListener() to create your ApplicationListener
  on GWT, overriding GwtApplication#getApplicationListener() isn't needed anymore, see
- Fixed ARM64 and x86_64 binaries for Android

Please update your projects as usual.

BTW, the libGDX jam is now in the rating phase. Register with, and hop over to the entries to play and rate all those games!

libGDX 1.7.2 released!

libGDX 1.7.2

Update your project as usual.

If you are deploying to iOS, you’ll now need a free RoboVM license key. You can find all info on this change in this blog post. I also updated all our docs with all the info you need to get this going. You can now use debugging on iOS!.

This release also features preliminary tvOS support. I haven’t added this to the setup UI yet. It will require a new sub project, similar to the iOS sub project, but with slightly modified launch images and Info.plist. You can check out this sample in the meantime. tvOS is a bit of a weird thing as your game has to support the tvOS remote. Which means only one-button games are viable. Kinda, sorta.

Happy coding!