libGDX 1.6.5 released

libGDX 1.6.5

- Objects from animated tiles in TMX maps are now supported.
- Made possible to use any actor for tooltips.
- Improved cross-platform reflection api for annotations.
- NinePatch#scale now also scales middle patch size.
- GLFrameBuffer is now abstract, renamed setupTexture to createColorTexture, added disposeColorTexture
- Added LwjglApplicationConfiguration#gles30Context*Version, see
- Added OpenGL error checking to GLProfiler, see
- Updated to RoboVM 1.6

Update your project as usual. Also update your RoboVM Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA plugin to 1.6.0!. If you are on a Mac, consider using RoboVM Studio. It will take away all the setup pain for you :)

Happy Coding!

libGDX 1.6.4 released

libGDX 1.6.4

- TextField cursor and selection size changed.
- FreeTypeFontGenerator setting to improve shadows and borders.
- ScrollPane scrolls smoothly when the scrolled area is much larger than the scrollbars.
- TexturePacker sorts page regions by name.
- GlyphLayout text wrapping changed to not trim whitespace.
- Fixed BitmapFont computing space width incorrectly when padding is used and no space glyph is in the font.
- Fixed TextArea cursor and selection drawing positions.
- Fixed ActorGestureListener pan and zoom when the actor is rotated or scaled.
- Fixed TextField for non-pixel display.
- Allow ellipsis string to be set on Label.
- AssetManager gets hook for handling loading failure.
- TextField now fires a ChangeEvent when the text change. Can be cancelled too!
- Added tooltips to scene2d.ui.
- Updated to RoboVM 1.5

Update your project as usual. Also update your RoboVM Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA plugin to 1.5.0!. Finally, we at RoboVM have released RoboVM Studio for Mac OS X. Give it a try, it’s a super integrated way to do cross-platform apps :)

Happy Coding!