Beginning Android 4 Games Development

preface: this is soley my view of things, Robert has nothing to do with this post.

So, i was asked by my publisher to write a second edition of “Beginning Android Games”, updated to ICS. At the time i was asked, ICS was not out yet, there were also just rumours and nobody really knew when it would drop. On top of that, i didn’t have the intent of writting a second edition, as i just finished the first one and was loaded with a ton of other work that had to take priority.

I declined the offer. I was informed that they would hire another person (any other person really) to do the job and that i would lose my authorship (that is, my name wouldn’t be on the book even if it was 100% my writting). The contract i signed for the first edition gives the publisher the full right to do that, for better or worse. For obvious reasons i didn’t want this to happen. So i asked Robert Green from Battery Powered Games if he wanted to take over. He’d write the additions.

The end result is an updated version of the original book, with bug and typo fixes and a few additions concerning Honeycomb and ICS. I did not invest any time.

If anything, it should have been called “Beginning Android Games, Second Edition”, putting 4 in the title is suggesting it’s full of ICS related material.

I can not add more at this point due to legal reasons. Suffice it to say that i’m not happy with it either and as with any purchase, you have to evaluate whether it’s worth it for you or not.

Here’s the second edition’s TOC on Amazon for your convenience.

Community Wiki & All good things have to end eventually

A couple of nice guys over at the forums started a community Wiki. It is not supervised by us and anyone can join! If you want to help libgdx flurish, sign up and go write some nice articles! More info here.

I just checked the ranking of my book on Amazon and it finally fell down the ranking list. I guess all good things have to end eventually, which is fine by me. Let’s see how much i actually made. So far i didn’t get any info on that…