Community Wiki & All good things have to end eventually

A couple of nice guys over at the forums started a community Wiki. It is not supervised by us and anyone can join! If you want to help libgdx flurish, sign up and go write some nice articles! More info here.

I just checked the ranking of my book on Amazon and it finally fell down the ranking list. I guess all good things have to end eventually, which is fine by me. Let’s see how much i actually made. So far i didn’t get any info on that…

A small deviation from the norm

The next couple of days i’ll have to focus heavily on my day job. I will not be available via e-mail, twitter or skype, nor will i be able to watch over the forums. I’ll be back on monday if all goes well, or friday in a week if all goes to shit.

If some of you could care for the people in the “Beginning Android Games” forum and tell them about my absence i’d be super happy.

I’ll be back.