Libgdx in 1.24% of Android Apps (on Appbrain)

This data from AppBrain makes us happy. I’m not sure what the stats are based on, i assume apps submitted to AppBrain and not the general Google Play market. But we are the leading game development library there, quite a head of other engines and frameworks like Unity, AndEngine, Cocos2D, Corona or Marmelade.

Great stuff, thanks for trusting in our little open source project and keep on rocking!

Changes to Libgdx FileHandle

So far libgdx would return either backslashes or forward slashes for paths such as “/home/badlogic” or “d:\Users\badlogic” depending on the operating system. I changed this long-standing issue (which can affect AssetManager if you aren’t careful). All FileHandle implementations on all backends will now return forward slashes on all systems/backends for all methods that return a string representation of the FileHandle.