Beginning Android Games – Spanish Edition

David Erosa informed me that there is a spanish version of my book “Beginning Android Games”. I like it’s cover more than the other one :D Thanks for informing me David, my publisher can’t be boughter to write me a mail about such things.

5 thoughts on “Beginning Android Games – Spanish Edition

  1. Too late for me. I’m learning english at same time, though. :)
    I advance very slow, but it is interesting.

  2. He adquirido la versión española de su libro, me ha parecido bastante interesante y muy intuitiva. Mis felicitaciones.

    I purchased the Spanish version of his book, I found quite interesting and very intuitive. My congratulations.

    Un saludo

  3. thank you mario. i bought this book in Spain 2 months ago. i am beginning to write games. i think you have done a very smart and easy way to programm games.¡¡muchas gracias mario!!

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