Get your libgdx game listed!

I want to gather an exhaustive list of games build with libgdx as a show case. For this purpose i want you to post the following markup snippet on the forums in this thread:

== Game Name by [ Company Name] ==
One paragraph description of your game, no longer than a hundred words. Embed additional 
links [ like this]. Do not include additional images or videos!

It would be preferable if you could use the banner that you uploaded to Google Play! Portrait screenshots should be scaled down to a height of 345. We’ll eventually write a thumbnailer. Also, please submit Jpegs only. The page will load like crap anyways, but with jpeg it might load a tad bit less like crap :p Your link must end in .png or .jpeg/.jpg, so do not just copy the link of your Banner on Google Play!

The result will be displayed here for now, i want that to be more structured in the future.

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