• http://www.typhonrt.org/ Mike Leahy

    what what!! Nate dawg in the house!!!

  • http://www.aurelienribon.com AurelienRibon (Obli)

    Thanks for making this Nate 😀

  • Analyzer

    I did a particle and saved as “particle” it does not have format “*.p”, also i keep getting error about “couldnt load”data/particle.png””, but editor did not created any extra image file. Strange…

  • http://www.aojgame.com 爱撸小杰

    Thank you! It’s wonderful!

  • http://www.complexsive.com Jeff Elrod

    One day you guys are going to be bigger than the Unity team.

  • James

    Where can I get this tool?