new IRC channel, server upgrade

We’ve updated the servers used for the blog and forums. They are much faster! We’ve also changed the official #libgdx IRC channel, which is now on FreeNode. Hope to see you there!

IRC server:
Channel: #libgdx

4 thoughts on “new IRC channel, server upgrade

  1. Which hosting company did you switch to for the site?

    I was on godaddy(local+ domain names)- but it does very slow with mysql.

    Hostgator goes nicely fast, but had also looked at Dreamhost and Bluehost…

  2. Wow, nice! I might look into them pretty soon – full root and ssh access! :o

    I like hostgator, but there are several things I would like to have full root access for-

    Thanks, I’ll use the link when I try them out- if nothing else risk free 7 day trial :D

  3. Linode is amazing, i not once had an issue. And their library is the best place to start learning about how to pretend to be a sys admin :)

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