Marry Me! Libgdx Style

Brice just proposed to his girl via a game he wrote for Android via libgdx. Here’s a screenshot:

Marry ME

And here’s the QR code to the APK

Best of luck folks!

6 thoughts on “Marry Me! Libgdx Style

  1. java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.String.isEmpty
    at com.brice.bengine.widget.uiwidget.Button.loadinit(
    at com.brice.bengine.widget.WidgetLoader.load(
    at com.brice.wtest.screen.SplashScreen.loadUi(
    at com.brice.wtest.Game.render(

  2. Thanks guys!
    Sorry skynet I guess isEmpty method was introduced in Android 2.3 . Finishing the game really came down to thh wire (It was her birthday and I loaded it onto a new Nexus 7 which was my target).

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