Libgdx Project Setup 3.0 is here!

Guest post by our beloved Obli!

Here it is, finally, the new major release of LibGDX Project Setup! This is a revolution.

This new release brings a ton of new changes and additions. The most blatant one is the presence of an update mode. You will also quickly understand my new approach to UI/UX: presenting only what is necessary at a time through smooth transitions between screens. I wanted a way to tell everyone: “LibGDX is an awesome library made by awesome people, welcome“.

The application source code is hosted on GitHub as a self project, and every stable release is also committed to the LibGdX repository, in the “extensions/gdx-setup-ui” folder. Grab this 3.0 release from the project download page, or from the latest nightly build!

If you want to read a bit more about the tool, and understand how to proceed with the update mode, there is a (big) blog post about it detailing everything that is to know.

I hope you will enjoy this application as much as I enjoyed making it!¬†Also, big thanks to every beta-tester who helped me test this application! If you are now able to spend more time on your games and less on the IDE plumbing, then I’m glad to be a small part of the process ;)

3 thoughts on “Libgdx Project Setup 3.0 is here!

  1. Looks classy, like it lots!

    I might forget how to setup the projects the old way soon, because I’ve been using the UI installer every time :D

    Thanks! I’ll be using it on my next project, and everyone thereafter :D

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