Libgdx on iOS – first blood

Welp, with the help of Michael Bayne who did the initial IKVM port and Noblemaster we are finally able to show off some stuff. Here are three of our demo games running on a fancy IPad 3.

Still a lot of things to do. Check the guide if you want to give those things a whirl. Noblemaster already succeeded in getting his game Tropical Stormfront running. STill early though, don’t get too excited just yet.

  • AurelienRibon (Obli)

    Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!

  • Mario

    and the other guys that worked on this 🙂

  • AngelusWeb

    Just out of curiosity, why shouldn’t I get excited? It looks like everything is working on iOS, even sound.
    I saw your old to-do list, and I saw a bunch of the recent “commits” to the project — looks like the iOS to-do list had its proverbial butt handed to it by Noblemaster.

    So what still needs work?

  • Dror

    looks great (-; thanks guys.

  • Giles

    Fantastic stuff. Will be keen to get involved by porting Total Pool and Total Snooker to iOS. Macbook on its way!

  • pek

    Yes, yes and YES! Congrats!

  • Djal

    Nice (<= Not too excited)

  • Mario

    Testing, we just got things running on the device yesterday. We have no good benchmarks yet, nor do we have a nice way to setup the iOS projects (it’s not too terrible actually). So, still a long way to go before public consumption.

  • blubee

    Hey that’s awesome badlogic

    are u using that custom GC or just some other implementation?

  • dreaddy

    Thats really great … erm i mean… nice *yawn* :X
    Started with some libgdx testings a couple of days ago and im really impressed by the project and getting more and more convinced to use it in the next game-project of my company.
    Still Ios (and the browser-war around Webgl) are a bit of a turnback, so im happy that this is making progress.

  • letmefly

    just curious, when do you think the ios backend will be ready? =) I need it badly…

  • Silverwolf

    Great, I have an ipad3 and really want to get my game on that too. It will be interesting to see how the performance compares. And I want to know if my game sells before buying a mono touch license, I assume we need that still.

    Good work.

  • Mario

    I think we can push iOS support out the door in a few weeks, after having worked out a few kinks, integrated it in our build system, and added it to gdx-setup-ui. The first official release will be a test balloon, it will need revising and improvements, but people should be able to start using it.

  • Mike

    Great work!

  • http://Exobyte.Net Rich Woods

    Trying not to get excited, but this is very exciting news 🙂

  • Saj

    If we have to use MonoTouch, can’t LibGDX be also converted to C# and eventually can be deployed to Windows Phone 8?

    Thank you for everything you have done so far.

  • Mario

    You can already do this on Windows, search the blog forikvm and c#. It won’t work on WP8 cause there’s no OpenGL ES.