Packr – pack your libGDX app for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

When you package your libGDX app for the desktop via Gradle r by exporting form your IDE, you usually end up with a JAR file which you can hand to your users. However, your users need to have a JVM installed.

Packr makes your libGDX app look more native. Packr does the following for you:

  • Bundle your JAR with a JRE, so your end users don’t need to install Java
  • Create a platform specific directory structure, e.g. App Bundle for Mac OS X etc.
  • Add a native executable that starts the embedded JRE, making your app look more native
  • Minimize the bundled JRE

You can pack for any platform on any platform, e.g. you can pack for Windows on a Mac and vice versa. You can configure packr in various ways, via CLI arguments, a json file per platform or directly from within your own code.

Check out packr on Github

  • Casper Sloth Paulsen

    Damn you guys! Awesome 😀

  • Michael Barkholt


  • Guest

    So many awesome features for FREE its beyong my expectations

  • Thanos Fisherman

    So many awesome features for FREE its beyond my expectations

  • Zomby2D

    That’s very neat. Thank you for providing this. It’s the next best thing to having an AOT compiler for desktop platforms.

  • Max Völkel

    Very cool to see progress in this dark corner of Java. I did some research two weeks ago what the current options are. One of the most promising options seemed to be the guys from infinitekind who created a fork of Oracle app bundler which offers advanced features, e.g. universal 32/64bit binary. If your two projects would merge and offer a Maven mojo (they are quite easy to write) – that would be awesome.

  • MadFerret9

    does it have a GUI?

  • Raymond Buckley

    What’s the average file size you guys are getting when you pack with packr? Are you satisfied with the result?

  • Tom mount

    I use my windows Computer to pack my jar to mac,and it can run normally,but when i pack my jar for windows it go wrongs,i am sad now….

  • Tom mount


  • kibertoad

    Are there any major differences between this and launch4j?..

  • Casper Paulsen

    Sort of. If I pull out the unnecessary pits from the JVM, then of course the file size is smaller, but it is good enough for me. Getting a JVM size of 90MB, could probably get it down to 30MB if I did it my self 🙂

  • Casper Paulsen

    Insanely easy to use, package to all platforms and the fact that is package the JVM. Couldn’t get Launch4j to do that.