libGDX 1.0.1 released

libGDX 1.0.1

Yes, i told we’d do bi-weekly releases from now on 🙂 Here’s what’s new!

Note: you’ll have to update to the latest RoboVM (0.12) and Android build tools (0.10) to use this new release!

Note: it takes a while for the new version to be synched to Maven Central (an hour or so). If you update your build.gradle or generate a new project with the latest gdx-setup.jar, the download of libGDX will fail until Maven Central has the JAR files. You can refresh this site every 2 seconds and ask “is it live yet?!”

There have been other fixes as well, you can follow the full commit history on GitHub.

We also wrote a guide on how to update/change the libGDX version your project uses. Please consult that one to update your 1.0.0 projects. It’s super easy.

Last note: look at the new version, it’s 1.0.1, that is we only updated the patch number. This means no API breaking happened, only API additions and/or bug fixes! This also means it is save for you to update your project from the previous version to the new version. If the new version would be 1.1.0 you’d know that a breaking API change was introduced, which we’d document in the release notes.

Funny bonus: i did a Hangout on Air that let’s you follow what goes into a release. It’s VERY long and boring, ymmv.

  • Daniel Chow

    I have a suggestion for the gdx-setup tools though, how about including a with the following two lines:

    I think most users would like to have daemon and parallel on.

  • João Neto

    Awesome. Thanks Mario!

  • William Morrison

    Good job with the new setup utility, its looking nice. I’m very happy with the direction libgdx is taking. And you’re forcing me to keep up to date on some exciting technologies, I appreciate it.

  • Jason Murray

    To anyone looking for the new snapshot version, it’s 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.

  • Vilém Zouhar

    What does it mean, that Tiled maps now support drawing offsets for tiles ? I am having problems rendering tiles, so this could help me.

  • Nykeri Grant

    “Controllers now reinitialize on the desktop when switching between windowed/fullscreen”v1.3.1 – Same issues as before, controllers don’t work when screen size is changed on Windows 7 64b