LibGDX 1.0 delayed for a bit (moving Box2D to an extension)

For our 1.0 release, we want to make sure everything is nice and tidy. As such, we want to move out Box2D to an extension, just like gdx-bullet. This change is made possible by our new setup-ui which generates Gradle projects. Tomski’s been hard at work making that more flexible, allowing you to select extensions you want to include and platforms you want to build for.

For users of the old setup-ui this means you’ll have to add the box2d jars manually to your project. We’ll update the wiki with appropriate information once that change is live. We’ll also post here about it.

There’s also a few other loose ends we want to clean up, mainly website and wiki content related. I also have to redo the getting started videos due to Tomski’s new additions.

Check out the 1.0 TODO list

First annual libgdx spring cleaning

In preparation for our 1.0 release, we are cleaning up our main repository and throwing out things that are no longer supported. Here’s what’s moved or removed.

  • All demos have been moved out of the main repo, gradelized and added as separate repos on Github. You can find them here
  • The gdx-audio and gdx-image extensions have been removed. gdx-audio may come back in some shape or form
  • gdx-remote has been removed and is likely not coming back
  • gdx-texture-packer-gui has been removed and is likely not coming back (unless Obli appears again)
  • gdx-tiled-preprocessor has been merged into the gdx-tools project, everything’s in one place now

You may kick and scream due to the removal of some of these things, but the truth is that they haven’t been changed in years and there was no user feedback at all. Feel free to fork an older ligbdx commit, pull out the things you need and maybe put them up on Github.

We’ll go 1.0 next weekend!

libGDX 1.0

Just a heads-up, we are planning on going 1.0 next weekend. This release will not have any significant new features, but indicate a general maturity that we think we’ve arrived at. With the arrival of our Gradle based project-setup we can no longer afford having users work off of the nightlies for months between releases. From 1.0 onwards we’ll have bi-weekly releases, not necessarily coupled to any massive feature updates. This will allow you to work off of a frozen and up-to-date release. Currently, if you work off the nightlies, you have to store that nightly version on your end.

We’ll consider semantic versioning for our next releases. However, i do believe that it’s not a 100% fit for us. We’ll stay at major version 1 for the foreseeable future. We’ll increase the minor version on API changes, and the patch version for bug fix releases. This may mean we’d arrive at something like 1.2.10 at some point (meaning we created 10 bug fix releases without API changes :)).

With the 1.0 release we’ll also remove support for the gdx-setup-ui that generated Eclipse projects. Maintaining two things that do the same is always a bad idea. Our Gradle project generator is really nice now, the workflows in the different IDEs work pretty well, and the general experience is just better. We still have a few things to iron out, but we believe this can be done until next weekend.

I’m not sure i can do something special for 1.0, so please don’t expect anything :)