GWT 2.5 required for libgdx HTML5

I updated our GWT backend in preparation of things to come. Libgdx apps that use that backend need to run on GWT 2.5, so make sure you update your Eclipse plugin and the GWT SDK accordingly.

The reason for this is the inclusion of typed arrays directly in the GWT SDK. Up until now we used a custom JSNI wrapper.


It’s this time of the year again when yours truly needs a break. It’s been an exhausting year, with all the changes going on. I’ll be back in about 2 weeks, when i’ll have my holidays for this year. My plan:

– Open up iOS by introducing the backend into the gdx-setup-ui
– Try to identify performance bottlenecks on iOS and fix them (JNI is likely slow)
– Finish mavenization, got GWT working now (mostly), need to integrate iOS
– Check the three.js FBX converter and write an importer for the format it spits out. Reduecs the amount of time i have to waste to get the C++ version going.

That’s it, behave while i’m not here!

Changes to Live Wallpaper API

We changed the live wallpaper API slightly.

We introduced a parameter to createListener that tells you if this is a wallpaper preview or not. Simple as that. The rest stays the same for now. There may be a few more changes if bug fixes require them. Stay tuned.