Building UI with VisUI

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Building UI with VisUI

Postby firestormua » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:50 pm

Hi guys,
I am fairly new to libgdx and was very excited to find that there is a way to build UI with using LML markup( I hate original way where you have to add buttons and widgets programatically). There is not much documentation on vis-ui, so I apologize if my questions are too lame. However, in examples one must derive from LmlApplication listener. If I do that does it mean that I can only use LML views? How do I switch between my views? I would love to use only views but I have to have more control so that I can display Screen where visual components controlled/added programmatically (main action screen) along with those views. I already have main class derive from Game class and there I operate (show/hide) Screens. And I want to have control on when and how my views are displayed.Could not find an example that does something like that.
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