I can't get LIBGDX to work on my MAC

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Re: I can't get LIBGDX to work on my MAC

Postby shatterblast » Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:59 pm

It sounds like you may need a local.properties file in your project's root folder. For you, the contents should probably look like...
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## This file must *NOT* be checked into Version Control Systems,
# as it contains information specific to your local configuration.
# Location of the SDK. This is only used by Gradle.
# For customization when using a Version Control System, please read the
# header note.
#Mon Nov 19 02:23:12 CST 2018

I think MacOS X by default will not let you mess your system up easily by letting you access SDK stuff through the standard interface. There is probably a way around that, but the next viable option in that case is to directly use either a Shell or Terminal. I forget what Apple calls it. I believe you can use that in Android Studio itself. Another word for it is the Command Line. If you're not familiar with Terminal, then you will need to learn some basic commands for it.

However, while I'm not sure about RoboVM / iOS, Android Studio lets you mostly skip the need for Terminal, except in a case like this where you want to verify that the files actually exist.

1) https://stackoverflow.com/a/42553943/9259262
2) https://stackoverflow.com/q/27620262/9259262
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