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Tiled maps

Postby sika64 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:55 pm


I'm in the process of developing a 2d platform game that auto scrolls with the player interacting with different things. I have just started looking into the tile maps. I followed the wiki in the libgdx community group to load it but all I get is a black screen and the OrthoCamController cannot be imported at all??!!.

I've also been following the guide here: http://dpk.net/2011/05/01/libgdx-box2d- ... le-part-1/

The problem is that whenever I use my own .tmx files there is a problem. It always seems like the indexes in the pack file are messed up. Do they need to be consecutive number that start from 0 or 1? I was able to load my map but the wrong tile is selected by the program (because of the indexes being messed up). I'm using the TexturePacker but I'm not sure if it is giving me correct indexes.

Also, can I use any tileset/tilesheet and import it into tiled or do I have to use the TexturePacker?

Thanks a lot.
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