Can I build this game with libGDX?

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Can I build this game with libGDX?

Postby Divergent » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:48 pm

Hey guys, I am interesting in building a text adventure game, can I do it with libGDX? Something such as lifeline, have a character and decide the fate of the story.
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Re: Can I build this game with libGDX?

Postby Magnesus » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:36 am

While you can, why would you want to? For such games just using HTML is way, way better idea, the text abilities of libGDX (and most other openGL based game engines) are pretty limited - when you want to do bold, italic, different fonts, inline image and make sure the text looks perfect, sharp, justified, HTML is the way to go in my opinion.

Unless you want complex animations and graphics (more like visual novel instead of text game)? In that case libGDX would be great.

PS. I actually started making a game like that and my advice is: start by making a very simple scripting language that generates JS+HTML, use WebView on Android to show the result, Electron on Desktop, not sure what on iOS. By "very simple scripting language" i mean something that allows you to write the text, write the options and set what the options are meant to do when user selects them (for example: jump to next chapter or calculate the odds and then jump depending on the result). it can be a file format + loader instead of a full fledged scripting language of course.

PS.2. Consider also that there are ready solutions for games like that (search for text game engine) - it might be easier to use them and then just theme them or use the output files instead of the scripting language.

PS.3. It is also possible to use libGDX (for example to show some animations above the text or an animated map) AND display a webview on top of it but it will work only on Android (and maybe iOS), not on Desktop unfortunately. (If someone knows how to do it on Desktop please share I will send you a beer :mrgreen:.)
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