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Looking for Tutor or Consultant [Paid]

Postby nebulousram » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:21 pm

I'm a beginner level programmer. I've got a Libgdx problem. It uses Spine and the default sprite spineboy. My experience is in jMonkeyEngine. I needs to get snapshots of all the animations of any file I hand it. I am looking to solve my problem and run back to jMonkeyEngine. I am willing to pay 60 dollars an hour. Please contact me through discord using my Nebulousram#0636. I have tried reaching out on forms in discord. I am not getting the help I need. I need a tutor. Assuming you help me find a solution. I'll hire you as a tutor until my problem is solved. I we can reach an arrangement to transfer money from my paypal to yours as my tutor. Otherwise, please register through a tutor site that accepts paypal.

I made a program to play through the animation spineboy's run. How would I make a program that plays through all his animations one after the other. I don't understand where the animation is played. I loaded up his AnimationState in the create() method. How would I ensure that I could go through them all completely if I load up one after the other.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/14GVEKr ... sp=sharing
Google Docs

My biggest problem is that I can't reset my pngshot within the create method between animations because it will just reset once before the program even starts rendering. I don't need to a time in which a specific thread finished animations a animation for calling a different object to reset on a time variable. I need a method call in the instance in which an animation is done being played. The duration does me no good. Even if I know when it started and even if I told the pngshot object to reset on duration. It is a different thread playing the animations in succession. It would extremely easy for one thread to get ahead or behind the other. Especially when massively producing pngs.

I've already got a java console server, and console client to communicate between the two engines. I have yet to implement the communication. I shouldn't need help on the setup of the communication. However, since I already got the server and client your free to help with the implementation paid as well.
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