Console developement

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Console developement

Postby ddanjovi » Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:19 am

Hello everyone I am recently new here.
I wanted to ask what platforms people have managed to port there game to?

I am very interested in porting my game on the nintendo ds even if it ran on one screen, dsi upwards, anyone ever tried it with R4 etc?
If I where to develop on xbox I would port to the xbox 360 for starters, the xna dev kit seems like a greenlight for that,
For playstation I would start on playstation 3 as I assume the ported game would be compatible on the PS4.
We are aware of Android, linux, windows, Ios and mac os x.
But what other platforms have people manage to run there Libgdx game on?
I don't see it as impossible, look at Minecraft its on nearly everything and it was designed in java.
I hope some of the community could shed some light on this topic.
I love libgdx I tried the 3D proto FPS demo and its truly remarkable how well it runs on low end gpu's.

Even talk of other platforms would be welcome here.
Thank you for reading.
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Re: Console developement

Postby evilentity » Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:15 am

Minecraft on consoles is a complete rewrite in c++.

You are not running java on consoles without massive engineering effort. Something along the lines of mobivm would be required. Consoles have another problem, they require expensive dev kits to work on.
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