hi guys, i have a quesion about Implementing turrets!!

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Re: hi guys, i have a quesion about Implementing turrets!!

Postby shatterblast » Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:52 pm

Are you talking about 3D models? Because that's engine specific. The general idea would be to use a bone or similar for the pivot point. Not all engines import 3D models the same, though, and a bone generally will not rotate in a full circle and beyond. You might look into the .FBX file format for clues, and how your engine of choice will handle it.

If you mean .OBJ for 3D models, then that only imports 3D meshes reliably. Everything else is either lost or depends on the software. It's good to start with a .OBJ for editing a model or at least working with it, but it's generally a good idea to plan exporting as .FBX. Not everything will export, regardless of what you do.
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