Rendering a 3D model with different regions?

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Rendering a 3D model with different regions?

Postby BentleyAshton » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:24 pm

Hi guys, a noob here that needs some help. I'm building an android application where I render a 3D model, but I intend to split the surface of this 3D model into like 5 regions where each one of these regions has different colors that could change overtime. Could anyone help me out about how I could achieve this?
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Re: Rendering a 3D model with different regions?

Postby shatterblast » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:29 pm

Obtain your 3D model of choice. Use Blender 2.81 to split it up. Make each different section its own model. That means you will end up exporting two or more different .FBX files or similar. Load them into LibGDX as separate ModelInstance objects. Change the single color for an individual ModelInstance object as preferred.

Otherwise, you can try to use a Texture object with a .FBX import. You will need to convert it of course for LibGDX usage. I recommend trying this with only one 3D model to see if it works first.

This would be the simplest flow, not counting the work for texturing a 3D surface if you want. Test before you try everything!
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