Open source Libgdx clone of Super mario

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Open source Libgdx clone of Super mario

Postby maheshkurmi » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:50 am

Many of us have grown up playing Super Mario Brothers, one of most famous games in gaming industry. This game is android Clone of famous Super mario Brothers from Nintendo. This game was started as a project to learn android programming, but soon it came out as close as professional game. It is absolutely free, and will remain free forever.

Have a look at the starting screen...


    Screens: Loading screen, world screen, high-score screen with transitions
    Powers : Power Up, Bullets
    Enemies : Goomba, Koopa , Flying koopa, Latiku, Bowser, with some AI
    Items : Springs and Platforms
    Worlds : Ground-World, Fire-Word, Water-World
    Controls : Tilt, KeyBoard, OnScreenControl

Source code is available on github.
source also includes a stand alone gui level editor for customising/creating new levels for super mario world.

Disclaimer: This game is non commercial, non profitable and released for entertainment purpose only. It uses many resources from Net, if any copyrights is violated (which is purely unintentional), please let me know.

Request: if somebody can generate ipa file for this game ready to run on ios devices, kindly share.
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Re: Open source Libgdx clone of Super mario

Postby iamjavajoe » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:35 pm

This is awesome. I feel very encouraged.

I am just starting out Game Development and looking around. If I may ask, which book did you use to learn libGDX?

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Re: Open source Libgdx clone of Super mario

Postby Gobletone » Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:48 pm

Very cool game, thanks a lot also for providing the sources. I did not have time to look at them yet but you have really put a lot of effort into the game!
The controls are a bit too slippy for my taste, it is quite hard to control it with tilting the phone but nevertheless it is a cool implementation of one of my favourite games!
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