Pencil Dash

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Pencil Dash

Postby mkjio » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:59 am

First of all sorry for my English, I will try to avoid mistakes, but I do not promise that they will not be.

I want to share with you mobile game and a little description developing.
About me - I am a Java developer and last time I noticed that my job doesn't satisfy me, work has become a routine. That's why I decided to take a break and try a different programming area - mobile gamedev.

About us.
In a short time, a small team of 4 people (including myself) gathered: 2pc developers, 1pc game designer, 1pc soundmaker. Since no one in the team had any experience in the game development field, and my time for rest was limited; we decided to implement a simple project that we’ll definitely complete. And we did it!

Initially, the deadline was November 15, but, as you know, it is a sin to finish the project in the originally established time. Therefore, we finished it two weeks later.

The technical stack is: Java 8 and libGDX. libGDX was chosen because:
1) java
2) a large community, a lot of information
3) cross-platform (for iOS have not tried yet, but we will try).

About game.
The gameplay does not claim to be unique, but it is quite good and is able to tighten (i mean exciting).
You control a pencil, literally draw on paper evading enemies - scissors, shurikens, black holes. At the same time, the pencil core ends and you have to pick up small pencils. In the case when the rod comes to an end, but there are still no pencils, you can pick up a fragment of the mirror. It will give effect for a few seconds - instead of wasting the rod will be restored, but at the same time the control becomes mirror - you lead to the left, and the pencil draws to the right. You can also pick up a heart that will allow you to face an enemy just once and stay alive. The longer you drive without lifting your finger from the screen, the higher the combo will be, which increases the speed of scoring. Plus gradually increases the speed of the game.

Initially, we planned to call the game Karan Dash, but later changed our mind and stopped at Pencil Dash. The motivation was that this elegant game of words would be understandable only to the Russian-speaking audience (yes, we from Russia). In Russian 'karandash' means a pencil.
We released the game a couple of days ago and are now engaged in promotion. In this experience, too, no one in the team has, all the knowledge about the promotion, we learned from various articles. Published information about the game on various sites/forums for free. From paid channels, we ordered advertising on 4pda, one youtube blogger, several posts in VK (Russian facebook) and AdMob. By the way, this post is also part of the promotion, so I leave here a link to the game.

I would be grateful if you install (and will suddenly like it?), and for the review with a rating I promise to put a candle for your health!
And I promise in two weeks to write a second post with the results, blackjack and charts.
See you later!
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