Another Runner. the name of my first game.

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Another Runner. the name of my first game.

Postby Felkodarn » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:57 pm


game link: ... uperrunner
Added a little game video:

Im a barely intermediate skilled programmer that woke up with an idea of making games, so i started programming my first game , its called Another runner.

Its a multiplayer runner game where you race your friends or other players online in the multiplayer mode.
In single player mode you race to get the best possible time and get your name posted on the leaderboard when you beat the worldrecord.

Levels contains varoius collectable objects. some are power up objects you can collect to make you faster, but there is aslo objects that slows you down or make you bounce back.

Although I released it to google play it is still a work in progress.
I basically made this game to learn game programming and there by also libgdx that became the obvious choice for me.
I got some ideas to add like xp points , rewards and so on.
so more features and tracks will be added.

Graphics is bit of an experiment, Since im no piccasso , I've made some resources my self using inkscape and others have been collected on varoius resource sites.

I hope to develope some graphic skills or find someone how likes to help me out.

I'd really appreciate if you have some time to spare and check this game out.
All comments , feedback and ideas are more than welcome =)

Thank you all for reading and I wish you all happy gaming !
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