Stuntbird: Flapping in the face of danger!

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Stuntbird: Flapping in the face of danger!

Postby Bearded Whale » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:06 am

I understand that y'all are sick and tired of Flappy Bird clones. Nobody needs another one. Nonetheless, I believe there is interesting things to be done with the core mechanics, so what I've attempted here is to make an actually interesting game out of it. If you cannot even stand seeing that damn bird anymore, I understand you, but otherwise it might acually be of some interest:

Stuntbird: Flapping in the face of danger!
Almost crash the bird into pipes to get points! Be bold and reckless!


Try to just barely avoid the obstacles to get lots of points. Almost crashing to the ground is another great idea!

Stuntbird is a new and original take on the classic game Flappy Bird, where simply surviving is not enough: You must put yourself in constant danger! Don't feel guilty, Stuntbird is in it for the action and that sweet adrenaline kick!

Try to find the best tricks and stunts to pull off! Fly the bird dangerously high, go for a free fall, and dodge pipes in just the last second!

Stuntbird flaps in the face of danger!

Image Image

Google play store: ... ale.flappy

Play on Kongregate:

Video of gameplay:
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