[RELEASED][ANDROID] Stickman Insane Bullet

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[RELEASED][ANDROID] Stickman Insane Bullet

Postby SlowAR » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:43 pm

Enemies are chasing you, and you have only one bullet left? It seems that there is no hope? In a normal situation, the outcome is obvious, but this is not the case. Your bullet is not simple, but Incredible! Control it, kill enemy stickmans and dodge their weapons. But remember, citizens are not involved in your squabbles and should not suffer, otherwise their blood will be on your hands. Kill as many pursuers as you can, hold them and give yourself a chance to escape.

Control a bullet with your finger, fly through enemy stickmans, dodge their weapons and fly around obstacles, get out of various situations, train your reaction, but don’t harm innocent stickmans, stickman war is not their. Leave the blood, brains and destruction behind you!

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I would like to hear your feedback! Thanks

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