Skin Composer - Create skins for scene2d.ui

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Re: Skin Composer - Create skins for scene2d.ui

Postby raeleus » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:35 am

Skin composer version 26 is now available.

* Fixed export creating JSON with null values for Styles that have parents
* Allow drag and drop of SCMP files into main screen to load project.
* Created export dialog and moved export settings to this window.
* Created import dialog with options to import into a new project or the current one.
* Added options to not generate a texture atlas and to not copy font FNT/TTF files on export.
* Improved appearance of Settings dialog.
* Updated Tiny File Dialogs to 3.2.0. Resolves #45
* Added Style property type to Custom Classes. Resolves #46
* Fixed crashes when changing a custom style property's type.
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