RevoluteJoint and angle problem

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RevoluteJoint and angle problem

Postby Samos » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:18 pm

I'm creating "rope" using many Bodies. All bodies are Dynamic, and are conected by RevoluteJoint (first with second, second with third etc.). First element id Kinematic (gravity can't affecton it). All joint have lower and upper angle set to 1 degree (in radians). Rope should be almost inflexible. But is flexible. Set angles to 0 don't solve problem. This should works like metal chain, not like rope. What is wrong with my code? Moreover, first and last rope's element is joined by RopeJoint

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Body lastBody = pointBody;
for (Body ropeBody : ropeBodies) {
            RevoluteJointDef jDef = new RevoluteJointDef();
            jDef.bodyA = lastBody;
            jDef.bodyB = ropeBody;
            jDef.lowerAngle = -(float) Math.toRadians(1);
            jDef.upperAngle = (float) Math.toRadians(1);
            jDef.enableLimit = true;
            jDef.collideConnected = false;

            jDef.localAnchorA.set(lastBody.getLocalCenter().x, lastBody.getLocalCenter().y - ROPE_HALF_HEIGHT);
            jDef.localAnchorB.set(ropeBody.getLocalCenter().x, ropeBody.getLocalCenter().y + (1f * ROPE_HALF_HEIGHT));


            lastBody = ropeBody;
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