How to render highpoly object?

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How to render highpoly object?

Postby itsmeveno » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:34 am

I need help i need to render high poly 3d object in my app but i couldn't because of having maximum vertices in libgdx that about 32K vertices object you can render. Any suggestion on how to render my highpoly object.
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Re: How to render highpoly object?

Postby funferret » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:38 am

A bit late, but just split your model into separate parts and render each part separately. Unfortunately you'll need to replicate the vertices on the cut line, so you may need to find an efficient way of cutting the model up.
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Re: How to render highpoly object?

Postby jenfu » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:18 pm

I am working on a character, box modelling, with a mesh smooth modifier to smooth out the modell. So far so good !!

I have assigned different "Material id's" to different parts of the modell and assigned a Multi/sub material to the modell with "Sub-materials id's" corresponding to the id's of the modell. Every part of the modell have it's own "uvw map" modifier to controll the material. So far still good !!

I want to work with the modell on a lowpoly level (animate and also asign materials) to speed up the workflow, and then render it out in high poly. Does anyone have a good idea, tutorial or so on that tells me what to do ??

I have tried many solution with mesh smooth modifier and even the "editable poly" NURMS settings to get the results I want. No matter what I do I am not able to get the material to look right in high poly render even if everything looks ok in the low poly viewport I guess this has something to do with the NURMS building more polys, but when I check out the highpoly version the id's of the modell is still intact on the different parts of the modell, and the new polygons have received there id's.

Basically what I want is !!!

Work on a lowpoly modell (material, animation and everything) and then get a high poly version in the render.

In Max 5 there is !!!

Thanks for listening in !!
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