I think my new RTX 2070 is defective.

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I think my new RTX 2070 is defective.

Postby Tonnystark » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:40 am

I bought the card less than a month ago from Best Buy. I started playing Apex Legends on it for a week on the lowest settings and I eventually had a screen freeze with rainbow pixels littered across my monitor.

I eventually started getting these more and more frequently on any game I would play after that. Screen freeze, rainbow pixels or just a BSOD and then it will reboot and work for a short period before one of those happens again.

I didn’t purchase protection for the card and apparently the receipt says 15 day return policy, but should I go in and give it a shot? I bought it on 7/25 and it’s 8/19. Is there anything I can try before attempting to return? Or is it defective?
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