A custom Java Edition snapshot to test new combat mechanics

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A custom Java Edition snapshot to test new combat mechanics

Postby Samop » Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:35 pm

I feel like combat, specifically PvP, in Minecraft has been pretty basic even since 1.9, and not in an interesting way, probably due to my lifetime experience with action RPGs. While accessibility and intuitiveness for new players is important, there should still be a higher skill ceiling to something that isn't jitterclicking another Steve. Everyone else has already stated similar opinions to mine on what's in the current snapshot, but here are my thoughts and suggestions on possibly new mechanics:

A 3-hit combo system for swords in a similar style to Phantasy Star Online, where the third hit deals much more damage. This can differentiate swords a bit more.

Use the cooldown meter for timing attacks that can either st louis to kansas city distance 60 euros to dollars lag cancel/speed up their attack frames and maybe increase their damage multiplier very slightly when done successfully. This should be applied to all weapon-type tools including bow and crossbow. A better visual cue such as a circle closing into the hotbar or crosshair might be a good idea.

Give shields a "perfect block" action when used in the first few (roughly 33) milliseconds, which negates all damage from where you're facing. They can have an extra effect like give a temporary attack boost for the next hit, counterattack/parrying action, or knockback to your opponent/mob.

Evade options. A roll or sidestep can change how the game plays significantly, and usually for the better. Currently, blocking and running are your only defensive options.

Shift/crouch can become a discrete shield button as right-click seems kind of redundant. Only concern might be for gamepad players where crouch is in an uncomfortable button. This is only so right-click can be freed up for another action such as a secondary or special attack if that's going to become a thing.

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