Supporting Asian fonts in BitmapFont

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Re: Supporting Asian fonts in BitmapFont

Postby davedes » Wed May 21, 2014 1:40 am

This is an interesting topic even though I no longer work with Java these days.

For rendering glyphs at large sizes, where texture atlases are not possible, it may be worth looking into paths rather than texture atlases. I have an offline node tool, fontpath, which I'm using to generate glyph paths. If FT_Outline_Decompose is added to FreeTypeFontGenerator, then you would be able to extract glyph outlines on the fly for large sizes.

@mzechner - have any code for that LRU glyph cache? It sounds very interesting.

Font rendering is indeed a pain in the ass once you escape left-to-right latin font languages. Even AppKit and the underlying renderers can be hacky in some parts.
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