[Incomplete]Idle Archipels (bêta) [2D ISO][Android]

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[Incomplete]Idle Archipels (bêta) [2D ISO][Android]

Postby lebowsky » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:21 pm

hello this is my first try to create a game with the libgdx.

gameplay :
in this game you have to increase your income as much as you can by chop tree with, build house for your worker feed'em and earn science to unlock all the tech tree
you can buy new land when you have enough gold. (this game is multilang EN/FR)


the game it's incomplete this project are too hard to maintain alone, send me a email if you want to complete this game.
i have stop this project while ago but if someone can enjoy of this game, follow theses previous link.
(sry for my english , im french speeker)
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