Hello, and some questions

Talk about graphics, 3D models, nice sprite sheets, music, sound effects and anything related to the presentation of your game (not code :)).

Hello, and some questions

Postby Tassarion » Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:02 pm

Hi, I'm doing a free course of 3D graphics programming photorealistic quality. and wanted to know what kind of things are what most are often needed to program games. For example: buildings, machines, robots, natural elements (mountains, rocks, liquids, etc.).

The course already has several videos, but the audio is only in Spanish (speaking English is very difficult). As the first course of this kind certainly I do have several things to improve. This is another thing where I would like to receive suggestions!
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Re: Hello, and some questions

Postby mobgamegraph » Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:34 am

If you are trying to build a game. Then you will start from the beginning. First you need the theme or background, second you need a tools for building game which is game engines/builder that will host your game. But i can give you a sample if you are eager to learn in building games. Visit this site https://mobilegamegraphics.com/tools/ maybe that site can explain what you need is. It's just a little help, but give it a shot. ;)
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Re: Hello, and some questions

Postby dorothywood » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:43 pm

Thank you for this useful information!
Hi to every member here!
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