new extension for Pure Data

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new extension for Pure Data

Postby mgsx » Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:00 pm

Hi community,

I'm working on a new extension for libgdx that brings Pure Data support. It is called gdx-pd and it's available here :

It is mainly an audio synthesis library. As you can see in the readme, it also brings extra features.

Some of you may already know Pure Data and libpd projects, for the others Pure Data (aka "pd") is a graphical programming software mostly used in digital art for realtime audio design.

There is some extra repositories you could be interested in :
* gdx-docker : a docker image you can use to build natives for almost all platforms (it ships Android SDK/NDK, compiler tool chain for Linux/Windows...). We're using it to build pd natives :
* gdx-pd-demo : desktop and android application illustrating gdx-pd features :
* rainstick : an Android application which make heavy usage of gdx-pd : ... .rainstick

This extension will be available on Maven Central soon, so you have to build it locally for now (fortunately, you don't have to build natives yourself, it only requires Java).

Any suggestions and feedbacks would be very appreciated !

Enjoy! :-)
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Re: new extension for Pure Data

Postby ewe » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:46 pm

Hey! Great idea! I'm working now on a game for blind children and the sonic part is really important. With pure data the possibilities are much richer then with simple audio reproduction that libgdx offers! My doubt is how to import pure data libraries to my libgdx code? My patch uses the "counter" which is part of Cyclone pd library. How should I import Cyclone into my code to be able to use it in my pd patch?
All best, Ewelina
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