Problem with ios-moe, libgdx and Box2d

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Problem with ios-moe, libgdx and Box2d

Postby lexprogger » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:01 am

Hello! I am sorry for my bad English. My problem is this:

I’m developing the game using the libgdx framework and I need to test the code on iPhone. I’m run my game using XCode on my iPhone and it’s working. But when I try to go to the scene of the game where Box2D is used, the game fails. I know that the problem is with the initialization of the box2d world, because when I remove the lines of code responsible for creating the world, everything works. I could not find information about this problem in the Internet, so I ask the question here, I’m not sure that this is correct, so the same question was asked also at the multi-os-engine forum. What can be the problem, what are the solutions?

Thank you.
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