[WIP] Balancer/strategy game + 2D engine

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[WIP] Balancer/strategy game + 2D engine

Postby Cron » Sun May 27, 2018 5:50 pm

Greetings everybody!

Cron here to showcase very early progress (about 5 days work done) on my "custom game engine" to start developing games in.
I'm mainly interested in the awesome technology behind great games, often putting more time in developing engines for them instead of working on games themselves, haha.

Well as I once again venture forth, I welcome you all to have a look and provide some thoughts, concerns, feedback and questions.

I'm currently handling 2D graphics mostly, I already made a tile-map handler with chunkloading and serialization already in place, and was looking into creating some kind of general UI/interface design to extend and create the editor with. Something comparable to windows forms in Visual.Net languages, while trying to avoid pre-existing libraries like Java Swing etc... a lot of work, but awesome when it comes together.


A video of my current progress is available on youtube via this link: https://youtu.be/lOfomQPL5ug

So far I (think?) managed to create a base outline of UI elements and scenes for basic input and interaction:
    separate windows
    proper input processors
    basic manipulation and interaction
    modular design
    serializable layout (pretty unstable)

I'll continue to update this post later one
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Re: [WIP] Crongine, early game engine + game eventually :)

Postby Cron » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:44 pm

UPDATE 02/06

Got almost 2 weeks of work done by now. I'm developing a small puzzle/strategy game alongside the engine to figure out what features/tools I'm missing. It's really quite fun to work around with.
The object of the game will be to try and balance out your own 3 power types, Tenacity (BLUE), Attack (RED) and Skill (YELLOW) while defeating the enemies on screen.
In this particular case there are 3 enemies each with their own supposed execute properties. The numbers above their images are the numbers you need to reach in order to execute them, the power bars in the middle bottom being the player's. If an enemy has for example a 5 Attack execution rule you can remove it when your Attack power is >= 5. But, these numbers can reach between a negative and a positive value, so if an enemy has an -5 Attack execution rule you can remove it only when your current Attack is <= -5. (Currently your current power values don't change after executing an enemy, but I'm planning to have the execute adjust it as well.) Enemies execution rules are not supposed to change unless changed or buffed by enemies themselves (not implemented yet, since this would be more of a boss encounter gimmick).

The numbers below the enemy are the enemy's attack intentions, at the end of your turn the enemy attacks and their attack values, either positive or negative will be added to your power bar. During your turn you can influence your own powers with several of the abilities on the right side, I'm planning to let you be able to select and equip different values with a certain maximum amount allowed.

The lose condition for this game will be if any of your powers deviate too much from 0. For example an amount equal to 30, this would mean that either reaching +30 or -30 for either one of your powers will end you up losing the game. This is where I hope the strategy/puzzle element comes in, trying to balance risk and reward to get rid of your enemies as quick as possible since every turn the enemies get stronger. In the game below a player turn works in moves, currently you start every new turn with 3 moves. Using any skill or trying to execute an enemy consumes a turn, you can execute multiple enemies per turn (with the idea if you execute more enemies per turn your reward will be higher).

I'm also planning to have boss battles in a similar style.
What do you think? It's all still a little bit cryptic, but it's fairly easy to learn. And I hope you all like the idea behind it :D

PS: it's all still a rough draft with basic test texture's since right there's more a focus on the technicalities rather than the design...
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