[WIP] Grand Strategy: online multiplayer Risk in 3 weeks

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[WIP] Grand Strategy: online multiplayer Risk in 3 weeks

Postby denizen » Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:43 am

The game is called Grand Strategy.

At one time I ran an online web server of the boardgame Risk, programmed in javascript and server side Java beans. The game had thousands of regular users. Hundreds of thousands of games were played. Tens of thousands of people registered and played the game.

So I decided to try porting the game to libgdx. Over the past three in weeks in my spare time, I have coded an initial version the game which is about 40% complete. A lot of the work has been on the server, which is backed by Postgres.

It's amazing how much of the code involved in writing a game (particularly online multiplayer) has nothing to do with the actual game play.

The game is online, currently no offline mode available. One day, I'll put in the ability to play against bots. But honestly, most people prefer PvP for a game like Risk.

There will be a messaging interface, friends list, leader boards, etc. The game will be free to play. I foresee a Android (for tablet's only), Desktop and Web versions.

What do you think?



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