I need help!

Anything about development not directly related to libgdx, e.g. OpenGL, Android APIs etc.

I need help!

Postby maithanhha8357 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:30 am

For my hobby projects I host on Github I really want to have designs and documentation that is easy to keep up to date. I feel it's great for when I pick something up after not having looked at it for a few months and also helpful for friends that help me out. Obviously I don't want to buy commercial jira/bitbucket/confluence licenses for this. I don't make money on my projects but also because Github seems better for open source to me, because of how easy it is to browse through other people's projects and work on it.

So my questions to you:
- Do you make functional designs?
- Do you make technical designs?
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