JavaFX + Libgdx

Any community contributions to libgdx go here! Some may get included in the core API when permission is granted.

JavaFX + Libgdx

Postby Lincon » Fri May 24, 2019 12:42 pm

Hello everyone,,
I m currently making an realtime editor with Swing (hate it lol) and found out that spasi got lwjgl to work with JavaFX ... /view.html.
So I digged it a little and 2 days later I got libgdx and JavaFX to run :P .

Since I'm new in JavaFx, Input is not implemented yet :(

I Tested some examples in gdx-tests and works well (Tested on windows 7, not sure it will work with linux/mac/win8).

note: the second window is draggable :D

This is a experimental project.

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