UI Fun on Android with libgdx

Heh, just a quick hack, but i’m pretty happy it works so well!

To be included in trunk, just give me a little more time. Also, it won’t be perfect and will probably contain a few bugs i didn’t catch in its first iteration. Never the less, pretty useful, and with the skinning support it should be easy to create UIs for various densities 🙂

QR Code! This might or might not bomb on your device. It won’t run on phones with Android < 2.0 for various reasons. Though i modified it and it now even works on the Hero (at 4fps :p).

Box2D Platformer Character Controls

For QBOB we are using box2d as the driving physics engine. To integrate everything tightly we want box2d to drive the movement of our characters. I wrote a little prototype for that a while ago and it works surprisingly well. Here’s a video:

Works pretty well, and doesn’t even need pre/postSolve 😀

And here are the crown jewels:

Given that it’s a prototype it’s of course a bit of a mess. I put this out without any kind of support or explanation. It’s like with the holy grail, if you are worthy of it, it shall be yours. Bugs and corner cases that make things explode are all yours as well. No go out and write some crazy ass box2d platformers!