Racing Game Prototype

I threw together a quick prototype of a small racing game i want to have finished by the end of february. It’s similar to donut games’ awesome Comet Racer, a top down 2D racing game with nice pixel graphics. Here’s a grainy video of the prototype in action:

and here’s a screenshot:

You can try out the prototype by installing this apk. You can accelerate the ship via any key except the home/back/menu/search keys (trackball works too). You steer the ship via the two on-screen buttons. It does not work to well yet on G1/Hero kinda hardware due to touch events flooding the system (and yes, i sleep in onTouch, does not solve the problem). I consider publishing this for android >= 2.0 only as the problems on devices with a lower android version bug the crap out of me. Especially the event flooding and associated garbage collection sucks big times and it’s just not possible to get a smooth game experience which is essential for a racing game.

I only have the tile map rendering, controlls and collision detection down yet. An editor is currently in the works. I plan on adding quiet some features to this racer, the basic premise of it will be time trials. You’ll be able to race against your own ghost of the best race you completed on a map as well as against ghosts of other players that submitted their race for others to compete against. I’m currently thinking about adding an upgrade system so you get a better and better racer over the course of the game. However, this will make comparing highscores a bit harder as the leaderboards will be lead by people that fully upgraded their racing vehicle.

On a technical side it’s a tilemap engine where layers are positioned in 3D space. There’s a parallax background and a collideable foreground at the moment. The ship is a 3D model. Other objects in the game will also be 3D models, e.g. lasers, items, triggers and so on, to give the game a bit more a 2.5dish look. On my droid it achieves around 40fps which is ok. 60fps on the droid doesn’t seem to be achievable due to fillrate issues. I employ a simple culling scheme for the tilemap so i can basically have infinitely big maps. The same is true for culling objects. Only the simulation logic is executed for visible and none visible objects for obvious reasons. This code is pretty simple so it does not bog down the game the least.

Drop me a line if you have ideas for features to be included and report any problems you have with the apk above if you try it!