Blister days

i’m back from London. It’s been a fun 5 days (minus traveling with all the luggage via the underground). My feet won’t work for a couple of days though, i got blisters all over them. And yes, i used the bus/underground whenever possible :p. I might post some pics later this week, maybe even a video of one of our performances.

Coming back from 5 days of internet abstinence is always fun. Lots of stuff to catch up. One thing thati noticed when checking for new comments on Newton was a comment by someone spaming about Pocket Empires, a pretty fresh game on the market. I got a 3 star rating (which is ok i guess) but i assume the kind spamer didn’t even try the game. I did some research and stumbled over a thread on the developer group which led me to another thread on the market forums. Seems like this has actually become a huge problem. The developer of the game actually asks his players to spam other apps on the market in return for in-game items. Additionally he’s selling those items outside the market via pay-pal which is against the developer agreement. Here’s a fun little conversation between the developer and a couple of his players.

[4/18/2010 9:05:19 PM] Pocket Play: Any players wanna help me out?
[4/18/2010 9:05:20 PM] Michael Lytle: aw ok my bad
[4/18/2010 9:05:23 PM] Saltrix: how so?
[4/18/2010 9:05:29 PM] Michael Lytle: ill help
[4/18/2010 9:05:40 PM] Jf: how
[4/18/2010 9:05:40 PM] Pocket Play: Could use some help advertising our game on the market. I'll reward anyone who helps with 200 gems.
[4/18/2010 9:05:57 PM] Michael Lytle: hell i cant donate so what u need
[4/18/2010 9:05:57 PM] Kevin: what about country wars
[4/18/2010 9:06:04 PM] Jf: how would i do that
[4/18/2010 9:06:38 PM] Kevin: put the purchase of gems on Droid market and I will buy some
[4/18/2010 9:07:20 PM] Pocket Play: Basically, I need some people to go to apps and post >>one time<< per app about our game. [4/18/2010 9:07:24 PM] Pocket Play: So we can spread the news. [4/18/2010 9:07:51 PM] Pocket Play: Not every app needs to be done but just some. [4/18/2010 9:07:59 PM] Jf: sure count on me doing that [4/18/2010 9:07:59 PM] Michael Lytle: done and done ill post every where without my reference code [4/18/2010 9:08:16 PM] Saltrix: no spamming for me, sorry [4/18/2010 9:08:33 PM] Michael Lytle: 4pca ill start on droid defense [4/18/2010 9:08:39 PM] Michael Lytle: lol [4/18/2010 9:08:43 PM] Pocket Play: Just post something like.. [4/18/2010 9:09:14 PM] Pocket Play: "Want an awesome online medieval war game? Search up Pocket Empires in the market. 40,000 and counting." [4/18/2010 9:12:25 PM] haakjes-pocketplay: i'm off, good night all [4/18/2010 9:12:30 PM] Kevin: how do u add comment in an app [4/18/2010 9:12:52 PM] Pocket Play: You have to rate it first [4/18/2010 9:12:56 PM] Pocket Play: Rate everything you comment on 5 stars [4/18/2010 9:16:10 PM] Kevin: everyone is using this to try and gems they r using their referal code not trying to grow the game greedy people [4/18/2010 9:17:15 PM] Michael Lytle: Try pocket empire's online its free and addictive rts on the phone oh by the way its FREE Search pe. For what is one of the hottest games on the droid . thats my post sound good? [4/18/2010 9:17:41 PM] Saltrix: except its not really a rts, i dont think [4/18/2010 9:18:02 PM] Michael Lytle: its a real time stratagy [4/18/2010 9:18:09 PM] Michael Lytle: lol pardon spelling [4/18/2010 9:18:41 PM] Saltrix: i guess maybe it is, but if you told me that ahead of time, i would expect something different than this [4/18/2010 9:19:16 PM] Jf: i posted comments on two games on the market advertising empires [4/18/2010 9:19:45 PM] Pocket Play: Sounds awesome Michael [4/18/2010 9:20:27 PM] Michael Lytle: lol i guess its a difference of opinion. cause all i play is rts and thats why im stuck on this game [4/18/2010 9:20:44 PM] Pocket Play: Hehe =) I'm more of an mmo player but rts is awesome too [4/18/2010 9:20:58 PM] Jf: i still haven't figured out how to use the referral codes [4/18/2010 9:21:11 PM] Michael Lytle: ne ways did 6 posts going to do more [4/18/2010 9:23:42 PM] Jf: anyone been able to defeat a monster castle yet [4/18/2010 9:23:53 PM] Pocket Play: <--- But I dont count [4/18/2010 9:24:03 PM] Pocket Play: Michael whats your ref code [4/18/2010 9:24:06 PM] Jf: lol [4/18/2010 9:24:17 PM] Michael Lytle: 4pca [4/18/2010 9:24:28 PM] Michael Lytle: im aralin [4/18/2010 9:25:35 PM] Michael Lytle: at work and paypal didnt work on my phone: ( [4/18/2010 9:26:02 PM] Pocket Play: all good. [4/18/2010 9:26:10 PM] Pocket Play: Theres your 220, keep up the good work

You can find the complete thread at

Google remains silent and i don't have high hopes that this changes. This nice scam actually destroys the market by manipulating rankings and ratings. Maybe get the word out to others about it.

London calling

So if everything works out and icelands volcano’s don’t fuck up i’ll be in London by Sunday with a couple of friends and Stefanie. I’ll be off the net until next thursday, so no witty posts to expect here. I’ll start my silence tomorrow as i have to get some stuff done before leaving and celebrate the 50th birthday of my old man.

Tomorrow i’ll upload version 0.41 of libgdx which fixes the hero “bug” along with some modifications to the KissFFT wrapper (outputting normalised bins now, w00t).

Over and out.

Update: didn’t find time to release 0.41 and probably won’t until my departure. Seeing as noone is really using libgdx anyways i think that it’s ok to release it when i’m back 🙂