Today we celebrate our 100th sale of Newton on the Android market. We released the full paid version last week and are pretty happy with the outcome. As stated earlier the paid version is more like a “support us by buying us some beer” version and it seems to have worked out.

Out of the 100 sales 11 have been cancled. At a price of 0.99€ that’s a pre-tax income of 88,11€. Now here comes the fun part. Google takes away a bit for it being an Android market app as well as for doing the payments via Google Checkout. So how much does that leave for us in the end? 56.59€. Yes. The taxes make up around 35%. Pretty hefty. On top of that i have to pay my tax department a little (as long as i stay beneath 700€ per year i’m luckily not obliged to pay taxes). Oh well, becoming rich and famous is probably out of reach anyway 🙂

Thanks to all the people that bought the 0.99€ version. We really appreciate it. Another shoutout to the soul that just donated 5$ to our efforts on other stuff like libgdx etc. via paypal. We’ll drink our beers thinking of you guys 🙂

Froyo: libgdx & Newton

Today i updated my Nexus One which i received from Google for being awesome to Froyo. I followed the process described at http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/05/22/breaking-nexus-one-users-download-your-froyo-here/ which went pretty smoothly. I had the stock ERE27 build and didn’t encounter any problems. The performance increase is really pretty nice. Flash works reasonably well altough probably 80% of flash games out there are useless on a keyboardless device such as the Nexus One (like Manufactoria :(). I’m happy to report that libgdx runs without problems on Froyo as far as i can tell from my (limited) test cases. The only thing that doesn’t work is the frame buffer stuff, i’ll have to look into that sometime, it’s not a priority at the moment. Newton is not build with libgdx. Here’s Newton on Froyo:

Fuck indeed. Seems like the text rendering is borked on Froyo. I’ll fix that this weekend using libgdx’s text rendering module which works without a problem on Froyo and other Android versions.

On a related note: i included the patch that Olivier send in earlier this week. Thanks again for your efforts, much appreciated. You can get the fixed sources from the SVN repository or wait for the weekend for the next libgdx (bugfix) release.