Why no Maven for libgdx? (And why on earth are you commiting binaries!?)

At work we are using Maven2 to manage all our interproject and external dependencies. Combined with the automatic build system Continuum and Archiva for repository managment we got a pretty solid basis to manage all our code and builds.

So i’m used to working with this kind of enterprisy environment (altough i sometimes want to beat the crap out of Maven as well as Continuum). All our projects in SVN are pure code and resources with pom files that one can use to setup projects for ones prefered IDE (i like Eclipse, some use Idea, others use Netbeans). Also, there’s not a single binary in SVN which is a “good thing”(tm).

So why am i such a lazy bastard when it comes to libgdx? Not only do i not use any dependency managment but i also commit binaries to SVN!

There’s a couple of reasons. I don’t use Maven as i think that in it’s current state a fullblown dependency managment system is overkill. Maven also doesn’t play to well with building native code which libgdx has quiet a lot of. I know there’s ways to get native code compilation going, but frankly it’s a big pain in the buttocks. I simply don’t want to invest that much time to get all this going on multiple platforms.

The binaries are in the SVN as a lot of people want to use the latest and greatest without waiting for me to package everything up properly. Now, one could argue that people could build stuff themselves. That is true to some extend but setting everything up is often beyond what one would be willing to do.

I know those are actually lame excuses. I’m aware of the lack of a proper build system, just so you know :). If somebody wants to step up and help me out with this just drop me a mail!

Jogl 2.0!

Yay! I completely missed all the things that happened with Jogl in the last couple of months. The project was transfered from its original java.net location to a new site. Apart from that it received a bit of redesign to make it compatible with the 3.1 and 4.0 OpenGL profiles as well as the embedded ES versions. Awesomeness! Apart from OpenGL they now also support OpenCL which is great as i could use it at my day job from time to time. It also seems that they finally put the shared libs in jars and load them from there instead of having to specify a java.library.path for loading. Still not 100% sure on that one as it’s had to get a changelog between 1.1.1 and 2.0.

For libgdx this means that we’ll switch to the new Jogl soon (maybe tomorrow?). This will finally make it possible to run on 64-bit VMs too as the old Jogl 1.1.1 64-bit Windows binaries had serious problems. Now all that’s left is a new compile profile for the jni parts of libgdx and we are in 64-bit land.