I’m back (sorta)

Hi there, long time no see. I’ve been busy with a ton of stuff (workshop at Droidcon, finishing the book, some music project etc. pp) and had to set my priorities. I’m sort of back now, having more time to work on libgdx now. While working through mails/tweets etc. i found that Richard Taylor of (now defunct) Rokon fame is using libgdx for his Android games now. Here’s a video he posted on twitter today, showing what he achieved in one day:

Pretty darn sweet.

In other news: the book is done! Yay! It will be available on the 5th of April, you can already pre-order it on Amazon or directly at Apress’ site. It’s a ~700 pages behemoth, teaching your 2D Canvas, 2D OpenGL ES and basic 3D OpenGL ES game development for Android. It does not use a framework, so you learn everything from the ground up. Of course it translates well to libgdx :).

Finally I’d like to mention the workshop i held at Droidcon in Berlin this week. Me and 12 other people had around 5 hours to dive into Android game development from the ground up. Not a lot of time if you consider how much is involved in making games. Never the less we managed to create a basic breakout game as well as a Canvas based 2D game development framework. It was a blast working with the guys and girls and it felt that everyone had at least a little fun listening to my ramblings. And here’s a treat: The slides (which i didn’t use fully and should be considered the script for the workshop) as well as all the code will be open sourced this weekend under the Apache 2 license. It’s a minimal game development framework plus examples plus a breakout implementation with fancy graphics and audio. It should be enough to get people with some Android knowledge off the ground. I’ll post the link to the Google Code page later this week.

I’ll take a few more days off, my stress meter is pretty much maxed out. I’ll be back with more stuff soon, promise 🙂