Caving in: Official Libgdx Git Repository

edit2: and we are back on track. Everything should be setup correctly now, no more funky log messages. there’s a conjob running that will poll the SVN repo every 10 minutes which should be enough for the git repo to be up to date 🙂

edit: i seem to have fucked up somewhere. There aren’t a lot of forks yet (none?) so i deleted the repo and am currently reimporting everything. Patience!

I had a bit of time the other day to setup a Git mirror of the libgdx SVN repository. Sadly i was not able to include the complete history of libgdx due to Google Code constantly borking out (~2000 commits seem to be to much for git-svn + Google Code to handle). In any case, from now on you can fetch your most favorite game dev lib from I have yet to figure out what’s up with the commit commands, i’m a total Git n00b 🙁