The cake is a pie!

So, i arrived at home after a pretty funny day (work, concert, work). Entering my flat i noticed a strange smell, as if a bakery was running amok nearby. Stepping into my kitchen i noticed that the oven was still warm. Being the smart bunny i am i immediately new what happened: fucking cake trolls! The following SMS conversation took place (translated from german).

me: somebody must have had a baking accident. Totally smells like cake in my flat.
me: and my oven is still warm!
me: robbers!
steffi: strange indeed… watch out, might have been cake trolls or so…
me: fucking cake trolls. That cake would have fit well with my two bottles of kakao.
steffi: heh, well, what does experience tell us? The cake is a lie 😀
me: no cake for me? 🙁

I thought it was settled. Now you have to know that we’ve been together for about 5 years now but still have separate flats. She lives about 50m from my flat and has keys. She usually visits me at night (yeahhhh) and sleeps at my flat. I have a cat allergy so i can’t stay at her flat (want more info? i have tons more!). In any case, when she visited tonight i was in the shower doing the usual things you do in the shower. When i returned to the kitchen i found this (click to ENHANCE!):

Turns out the fucking cake trolls left a present for the release of “Beginning Android Games”. You surely recognized the brown chocolate blob in front of my trusty netbook as a book with Mr. Nom, the Badlogic logo and Android on it. Right? RIGHT? (Say “yes, immediately” in the comments, she reads this blog, i might get killed otherwise).

In any case i love my bitch. Lupoiun.

libgdx 1.0 status

Ok, time to check how far we are in our quest for the 1.0 release:

  • 3D Model loading/rendering: MD2 and Ogre XML loaders are complete and working. We are still modifying the API here and there to make it most enjoyable to use. Binary format is still TBD.
  • Model Preprocessing: Straight forward once item #1 is complete
  • DecalBatch: We’ll integrate this as is. I think it’s OK to have different semantics in 3D (no worries, it’s mostly the same as SpriteBatch). Need to add support for custom shaders.
  • AnimatedSprite: Not gonna happen LOL :D. Use Animaton instead. If you must check out the contributions sub-forum for an AnimatedSprite class.
  • Application Configuration: Configuration for AndroidApplication is done, added new methods to Graphics to switch to fullscreen on the desktop. Pause/Resume on minimize/maximize on the desktop TBI.
  • TrueType Fonts: not gonna happen in 1.0, sorry
  • GPS, Gyro, new Android Key constants:: Impemented Key codes, compass is in, Gyro is next plus light sensor. GPS has wait, if you need it you can easily add it to your AndroidApplication.
  • libmpg123: Trying to figure that one out.
  • Box2D Pre-/Post Resolve: Updating to the latest and greatest box2d version and implementing this is high up on my todo list
  • Native Math: Done. Intersection code for triangle soups TBI
  • tile map rendering: We’ll keep what we have for 1.0
  • 3D scene graph: Not gonna happen for 1.0.
  • Space Partitioning: Will be ported over to libgdx from the book’s source repository. Additional version for 3D
  • bug run: two issues left, one is not reproduceable and it would seriously shock me if it wasn’t a user error of sorts.
  • Keycode Constants: KEYCODE_ are dead!!! (Nate’s request)

Here’s the deal. I’ll try to fix all that up this weekend if you participate in LD! I’m serious!